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Strip Search Fahad Ansari!

This is a cross post by Abdul Hamid al Manchesteri of The Spittoon

Massoud Shadjareh, head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), has a good turn of phrase. Asked to give his opinion on airport profiling, he is reported to have said:

“Any such measure would not only alienate people, it would also be ineffective in terms of stopping terrorists. What’s to stop them dressing up as orthodox Jews in order to evade profiling-based searches?”

Hilarious but why specifically mention “orthodox Jews”?

Shadjareh’s talent for dangerously witty repartee is extensive. It appears that it isn’t just profiling that he is opposed to. Shadjareh has also expressed his opposition to the new security measures that are due to be implemented following the aborted terrorist attempt by the Underpants Bomber on the Christmas day United Airlines flight.

“Apart from the costs of the scans, the body scanners are not an effective tool to deal with the terrorist threat since few countries would have the body scanners and someone with intent to attack can quite obviously do it on the return flight. We fear that these measures are just a political stunt to appear tough on security issues rather than deal with the problems effectively. The new proposed policies of profiling and body scanning mask the real issue which is the gross failure to act on intelligence.”

Quite right, we must always concentrate our efforts and our intelligence on known radicals.

Known radicals such as Fahad Ansari?

Last October, Cage Prisoners published a defence of Anwar al-Awlaki, the pre-eminent English-language theologian of armed-jihad and now only the world’s most dangerous radical imam, written by Fahad Ansari. In the piece, which had first appeared in Crescent magazine, Ansari said this of his jihadi mentor:

“One of the highlights of the event was to be a video message from the inspirational Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, who was himself detained without charge in Yemen for two years.”

And who is Fahad Ansari a spokesman for? None other than the Shadjareh’s own organisation, the IHRC! Here is his CiF profile:

Fahad Ansari is a researcher and spokesperson for the Islamic Human Rights Commission where he specialises in anti-terror legislation. He is the author of numerous reports including, “British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern Day Witch-hunt”. He is also a trainee solicitor at Fisher Meredith LLP and a member of Cageprisoners.

FAnsariFahad Ansari

Will Massoud Shadjareh be following his own advice, avoid a “gross intelligence failure” and pass Fahad Ansari onto the authorities?

So Fahad, when you’re slipping your trousers off in a little cubicle at Heathrow Airport for the umpteenth time, remember – it was all Massoud Shadjareh’s idea!

It is all for your own good, you know. If only people had picked up the warning signs from that other Awlaki fan, Abdulmuttalab, he wouldn’t be in a prison hospital with a charcoal penis.

hat/tip: The Ahmad Thomson Freemasons Society