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a modest proposal for wootton bassett: islamists love underpants!

This is a cross-post by bananabrain from The Spittoon


in the spirit that got these imbeciles to cancel their most recent demo and, naturally, in tribute to the recent foiling of the detroit pants bomber, i humbly propose the following:

let all who wish to show this truly grotesque man up as the nasty, ridiculous bigot he is – FLY THE UNDERPANTS!

some pants yesterday

some pants yesterday

yes, we all know that angry andy and the bombastic beards of barminess would be applauding the Glorious Pants Of Terror right now if it had all gone as planned on flight 253, so let’s throw it right back in their faces. take a broomhandle or some other stick-type object and fly a pair of y-fronts off them as a flag. stick them in the window of your house or the window of your car, like people did in the last world cup. if all else fails, leave your trousers at home or wear your pants outside your trousers like a superhero! yes, the humble underpant must now become a SYMBOL OF RESISTANCE!