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BNP Legal Director praises arson attack

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

A French centre for immigrants has been attacked by arsonists. Proving yet again that the BNP are nothing more than thugs in suits, the party’s Legal Director, Lee Barnes, has praised this criminal act in a post entitled ‘The French Rise Up‘. Barnes writes:

When governments do not listen to the people, then the people will rise up against the government.

This is not a crime, this is an act of National Liberation.

Not only does the Legal Director of the BNP praise the actions of criminals, he also issues a veiled threat (and not for the first time) of an uprising against the Government. This comes very close to sedition. So much for the BNP as a ‘mainstream’ party of Law and Order.

Another well known far-right group in the UK uses the slogan ‘Whatever it takes’.

No doubt they’ll be pleased to see there are still ‘no nonsense’ men like Barnes in the BNP; men who have no respect for the law and justify the actions of terrorists in the name of ‘nationalism’.