Happy Ashura

Two posts from Potkin

1. Ashura in Iran So Far

AP has confirmed at least three people have been killed so far in Tehran. One of the dead is reported to have been a young girl shot in the back by the Baseej. Pro-regime lackey Ghanbar Naderi – he was fiercely pro-Khatami before – appeared on Aljazeera English this morning, his voice shaking he condemned today’s protesters saying they do not have a legal permit and are undermining the judiciary and should not use Ashura for their political purposes :))))))

First footage from today:

First picture of Ashura martyr in Iran

Blood, Smoke, Fire and Defiance on the most symbolic day of uprising against tyranny

[The BBC reports that Mousavi’s nephew has been killed]

2. Ashura, the Uprising Against Tyranny

todays hussein

Today’s Ashura, defiance of righteousness against tyranny

police on the runbaseej on the run 2baseej on the runbaseej surrounded

Self hating rich kids at SWP and Pro-Saddam Press TV lackey, George Galloway, himself the 5th richest MP in England will refer to these as ‘Affluent North Tehran Kids’ kicking the shit out of Baseej thugs :))


According to the Islamic Republic’s propaganda arm, Press TV:

The Iranian capital on Sunday witnessed sporadic anti-government protests on the anniversary of the Shia Muslim Ashura religious event, with security forces clashing with protesters.

Protestors took to some central and downtown streets in Tehran, hijacking the Shia Muslims Ashura event during which people commemorate the 7th century death of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson, Hussein (PBUH).

Here is a video of the sort of thing that happens on these ‘sporadic’ protests. Watch a police van stopped, and the captured protestors freed.

How long before the edifice topples?

Gene adds: This has to be the photo of the day. If Iran’s rulers need a reason to tremble, they should look past the blood at the face of this woman.

face of iran

Update: The above photo apparently is not from Iran today, but from Lebanon in 2005 (scroll down), and is most likely of a self-inflicted wound to mark Ashura.

Not that there was any shortage of police- and Basij-inflicted wounds and deaths in Iran today.