Lest we forget

Today some people are at work as usual…

Being separated from loved ones at Christmas is never easy, but for the partners and families of those serving on the front line in Afghanistan the experience is doubly hard.
Phillipa Stebbing’s boyfriend Pte Oliver Dodds, from Norwich, is serving in Helmand with 1st Royal Anglian, nicknamed the Vikings. The Eaton couple regularly communicate by phone and email.

She said: “He tells me how he’s feeling and there are obviously ups and downs but he seems okay. He can’t show me any pictures because he says he doesn’t what to take any as they will remind him of what it’s like.

“I will celebrate Christmas with my parents and then go to see his family on Boxing Day. It helps that we can all support one another.

“The base he is at has a good chef, so they may get a Christmas meal and I have sent him a parcel with some home comforts. But he may well be sent on ops on Christmas day so will have to focus on the job.”