SWP site gets makeover

Seymour’s Tomb is publicizing the snazzy, newly-redesigned Socialist Workers Party website— although the actual content looks suspiciously similar to that on the stodgy old website.

And isn’t there something a little sad about Leninists trying to be all user-friendly and up-to-date?

In the comments, Michael Rosen writes:

The SWP site must have a culture and sport section. For starters, all it needs to do is grab the stuff on culture and sport from the three periodicals. Politicos have short memories, they often forget that it was something cultural that got them into the movement in the first place.

No. Given the party’s internecine struggles over the past year or so, what it really needs is a gossip column.

Update: The SWP Central Committee has just issued its official response to Lindsey German, John Rees and the other troublemakers of the Left Platform.

(Hat tip: John’s Labour Blog)