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“The so-called tragedy”

Hussein el Haj Hassan, the Lebanese Hezbollah MP who spoke last March at a Stop the War Coalition meeting at the Friends Meeting House in London, is featured in a report on Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV station denouncing the inclusion of the “Israeli” Anne Frank’s story in the school curriculum.

Hassan, who appeared in London with MP Jeremy Corbyn and former Socialist Workers Party leader (and soon-to-be-former member) John Rees, said:

Nobody teaches from a textbook without checking its content first. These respected schools teach the so-called tragedy of this girl, but they are ashamed to teach the tragedy of the Palestinian people, the tragedy of the Lebanese people, the history of the resistance, the history of the resistance in Lebanon, and the suffering of the South Lebanese, and the Lebanese in general, at the hand of the Zionist occupation.

(Hat tip: DaveM)