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BNP idiot endorses National Front – again

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

‘Good Luck to the Reform Group’ states BNP Legal Director and self-professed ‘idiot’, Lee Barnes.

In his latest blog post he sucks up to the hardline unreconstructed racists of the BNP Reform Group, praising them for their integrity. He then sets out the BNP’s ‘pan-European’ vision, drops in a reference to the neo-Nazi ‘brothers wars’ slogan, and endorses the openly Nazi National Front once again:

The leaving of Jackson and Easter is not unexpected, they are principled nationalists from an era when British Nationalism did not have to comprimise in order to survive.

In the political environment we exist within today, then those who put principle before pragmatism do not survive upon the battlefield.

Our aim is to survive, to evolve and to fight on, until such a time that victory is possible.

British Nationalism during the present time period cannot win a political struggle.

Therefore the aim of British Nationalists is to survive until such time as the political environment changes.

The BNP as a mainstream British Nationalist party is positioned politically in the mainstream of the European Nationalist movement as well as the British Nationalist movement, and the BNP are a party whose contacts and affiliations are Europe wide as being members of the European Nationalist Block.

By being within the EU this means we as a political party have responsibilities that also transcend the national level.

We are not just a British Nationalist party, we are also part of a fledgling European Brotherhood of sovereign nation states dedicated to the mutual defence of our European national cultures and European peoples.

As part of this EU block we work to form a Pan-European Network of Nationalist political parties whose powers can be pooled together in mutual defence – the living embodiment of the European ideal itself.

A Europe of Nations, not a Nation of Europe.

The alliances we have forged in Europe are the shield for our peoples future defence.

Out of the bloody carnage of the 20th century Brothers Wars which almost destroyed our people and continent, we must now arise anew and form a new nexus and a new idealism around which we can gather and unite.

European brotherhood is such an ideal, and the work the BNP does today in Europe is the basis of alliances for the future.

Therefore politics is merely one aspect of the many different struggles we must fight at the same time.

The BNP has the primary political struggle to fight in Britain, whilst the NF has a different struggle to commence.

Instead of seeking to expand as a political party, the NF needs to adopt a nationalist community building agenda and an active street presence.

If Chris Jackson can harness the energy of the NF and direct it into building a musical network, a community network, an educational network and a prison outreach programme for white prisoners in British jails and also build a powerful street presence for the NF around the country, then all the good for us in the BNP.

A musical network, eh? You mean like the work they already do with the sieg heiling neo-Nazi thugs of Blood & Honour?

An NF ‘prison outreach programme’ would no doubt be interesting. Something along these lines, I would imagine.