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‘We are meant to be a mainstream party in preparedness to take government of this country’

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

The incompetent BNP has been fined £1,000 for the late filing of its party accounts (which you can examine here). Nick Griffin says it is ‘not acceptable to present inadequate accounts’ and has vowed to do better in future. You’d think they would have learnt from their embarrassing past mistakes in this area.

Even some readers of the Griffin fan club that is the Green Arrow blog are getting annoyed:

Frank Forte:

Sorry I have NO sympathy, on the contrary, I am out of work and I really am struggling to pay my way to the point where I cannot even afford to renew my very valued Party membership. THIS IS NOT ON. We are meant to be a mainstream party in preparedness to take government of this country. Yet we cannot even handle our own iternal affairs.


This is a growing problem within the party , The treasury dept have been in place a long time . As a fund holder I can tell you its not what it was . I got info monthly and sent my accounts in at least twice yearly. Not any more. Some officers are lazy ‘I;m sorry to say. Others do not a lot One reason I resigned the position recently. In a party of our size there must be retired accountants or unemployed ones rather than outside ones as JOG .states build into their price room for error. Just as donation was palmed out and makes for a begging letter weekly where 7% goes somewhere else. Its not a massive amount . But I’m sure we should be able to run our own affairs. there are after all many recieving a stipend out of our fees. Accounts Fundraising palmed out whats actually left apart from membership renewals