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Why does Honenu enjoy tax exempt status in the USA?

This is a guest post by Yeze

Honenu is a Far Right nationalist legal organisation based in Israel, which has previously raised funds for the family of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin Yigal Amir. Honenu have also defended Ami Popper, calling for the murderer to be released in talks over Gilad Shalit.

Honenu are currently asking for money from supporters in Israel and the USA. We learn from a guest post on Shiloh Musings by Honenu head honchu Shmuel ‘Zangi‘ Meidad (who initially protested the arrest of Jack Tytell):

Honenu is recognized as a public charity association for tax-deduction purposes in both Israel and the United States. You can donate to us in either of the following ways:

P.O. Box 150296
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Tel: 718-441-7300
Fax: 718-849-8423
Your contribution is only US tax-deductible by sending your donation to the address above (Tax ID: 30-0198003)
Contributions are recognized by the IRS

I am deeply concerned that Honenu has tax-exempt status. Why is this the case?

Honenu are currently defending the “Ami-bomber” and murderer of Arabs, Jack Tytell. Tytell aslo sent Ze’ev Sternhell a pipe bomb – an incident which Honenu’s loyal ally Itamar Ben-Gvir refused to denounce.

Here is Ben-Gvir with ‘exiled residents of Judea and Samaria’, courtesy of My Right Word. In this picture you can see Ben-Gvir on the right with Ariel Gruner on the left:

Ariel Gruner is the Prisoners representative for Honenu. He has already been deemed a security threat by Israeli officials when arrested in 2006. Gruner was arrested in October 2009 alongside Eliav Eliyahu and Akiva haCohen, prompting Itamar Ben-Gvir to comment:

“His activity in Honenu has become a thorn in the Shin Bet’s side. He’s screwed up several investigations for them … They’re simply persecuting him. If they had any material on him regarding underground activity, I’m certain they would have filed indictments.”

Ariel Gruner studied at the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva, where none other than Yitzhak Shapira is the rosh yeshiva. This is not the only route by which Honenu are linked to Shapira, as both have been blessed by R. Dov Lior. Shapira’s Torat haMelech was endorsed by anti-Messianic boycotter R. Yaakov Yosef.

Here’s a video of Gruner and his fellow expelled residents of Shomron being blessed by Yosef:

The same youtube user, HakolHayehudi, has also posted a video of Yitzhak Shapira talking about Torat haMelech. According to Haaretz, Shapira recommended his students at Od Yosef Chai to read his book. In June 2008, Shapira was suspected of being involved in an incident where a student from Od Yosef Chai fired a crude rocket towards a Palestinian village. In 2006, Israeli daily Maariv profiled 19 students from Od Yosef Chai who were considered a real threat to Israeli security – including Ariel Gruner.

In any case it’s worrying. Here’s Gruner speaking in extremist publication Hakol hayehudi (which shares the same name as the aforementioned youtube user):

In recent months there is a sense that something is starting to happen amongst those who listen and worry about Jews in their hearts, who, like a spy in enemy territory sitting and waiting for the mission alert, waiting for something to break, will feel something starts to move. Righteous rabbis who care about the people of Israel are beginning to meet and formulate since, for the many residents in Judea and Samaria, there is a high tension line holding the Jews in Israel, getting new forces to unite, acting against our enemies and their helpers from among our brothers and especially bringing about Jewish independence with righteous leadership. On Monday, we will spark among Jews that true devotion to act against what the government decrees. One purpose of course is to deter the corrupt government, but mostly we remember that this is another step on the way to breaking out the light successfully.

For those who care about Israelis, Palestinians, human rights, justice and democracy, Honenu’s jihadists give great cause for concern.

Can anything be done to prevent them raising funds in the West?