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Questions for David Miller at NeoconEurope

This is a cross post by Faisal of the Spittoon

Last week, The Spittoon published a two-part exposé (Part 1 and Part 2) of the workings of the Neocon Europe website and, in particular, Professor David Miller of Strathclyde University, its leading editor. We were especially concerned at how the site came to reproduce material and commentary from the notorious anti-semite Kevin MacDonald.

It is not only the contributors of David Miller’s Neocon Europe site who find the racist and essentialist ideas of MacDonald appealing. MacDonald also happens to be lovingly quoted by Lee John Barnes, the “legal representative” of the BNP.

Following the publication of the articles on The Spittoon, Professor Miller published astatement of correction last week:

The Spittoon does correctly note that the statements were removed from this website some time before the Spittoon published its allegations. This was carried out by myself at 07:17hrs on 11 November 2009 as soon as I became aware that they had been posted on the site.

The reason that the quotations by Macdonald were removed is that Macdonald has been repeatedly and rightly (in our view) accused of racism. Moreover, the statements expressed core essentialist anti-semitic/racist ideas. This material should not have been posted and is in no way endorsed by this site. I apologise for, and deeply regret, this error.

As a result this website has taken steps to tighten the editorial process governing the posting of material. It should be clear to all who read this site that it is as opposed to anti-Semitism and neo-fascism as it is to Islamophobia and other racist ideologies.

This site will continue to report fairly and factually on the networks and actors currently shaping both foreign and domestic policy, pushing for further wars, and those contributing to the wave of Islamophobia currently sweeping Europe.

While we are encouraged by Professor Miller’s swift actions to remove any reference to the anti-semitic and racist works by Kevin MacDonald from his site, questions on its editorial process still apply:

1) Who posted the material in the first place?

2) Is the person still writing for Neocon Europe? If so, why?

3) Have any steps been taken to review and if necessary remove material produced by this contributor from this website, and other websites associated with Professor Miller?

We would be very grateful to Professor Miller if he could kindly furnish the answers to these rather important questions.