Burleigh Looks Back On A Decade Of Terror

Burleigh in the Telegraph:

The mass murders of July 7 in London revealed that we had a hydra in the form of boys who said “bruv” and “nuffink”, but who were in a rage about Western foreign policy. My abiding memory of this past decade will be some indignant and ignorant youth wagging his finger at the camera recording his suicide video, and warning “don’t mess with the Muslims”.

Typically, the British elite tried to manage the problem by co-opting the self-appointed tribal chiefs, and paying them off with honours.

Unfortunately, some of the so-called moderates also had outrageous views about adulterers, homosexuals or Jews, and worse, were disconnected from the radicalised youths who wished to dictate our foreign policy with bombs on buses and the Underground. In turn, under its Prevent policy, the Government perceives a difference between ”extremists” (who merely say they want to kill Jews or homosexuals), and ”violent extremists” who want to blow us all up.

During the last decade, New Labour’s brave new multicultural world has turned to dust. It has recently been revealed as a deeply cynical attempt to marginalise the Conservatives as ”racists” while forming the electorate into neatly manageable platoons, each with its self-appointed “spokespersons” and mono-identity: ”Asians”, ”blacks”, ”gays” and so forth. Apart from the fact that a Chinese or Japanese Asian is not the same as a Pakistani, there is the insulting presumption that people are merely a tribe rather than complex individual entities. This is an ideological project, enforced by Labour’s client army in local government. It has nothing to do with the welcome manifestations of cosmopolitanism, which for centuries have enriched all our lives, and which is the antithesis of the dull monocultural suburbia that blankets swathes of North America.

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