An interview with Charles Johnson

Further to the post where Johnson “broke” with the US right, here’s an interview covering some of the same ground.

It’s pretty rare today for a blogger or pundit to come out and say, I’ve changed my mind about something.
It sure is.

Why is that?
Human beings have a strong resistance to change. For most people, it’s a lot more attractive to just stay where you are, as long as it’s comfortable. But I’ve always been a contrarian that way. I like to shake my beliefs up every few years. I wish that more bloggers would start to think critically about what they’re writing. Blogging was originally an alternative to mainstream media, but now it’s kind of been dominated, especially on the right, by people who are emotionally driven, and not very rational about a lot of things.

Later in the interview there is mention of Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame. He now posts reams of climate denialism material and seems to have bought into the Tea Party nuttery. Not much critical thinking there then.

Are there are rational right wing US blogs left?