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BNP Life Member promotes rabid neo-Nazism

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Albion1983 is a blog run by a proud life member of the BNP (see his certificate here) who states he has been ‘active in Nationalism since 1983’ and was present amongst the revellers at this year’s BNP ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival (see his photos here). Now, we all know that the ‘modern BNP’ is ‘not racist’ and has not time for old guard neo-Nazis. However, apparently Albion1983 didn’t get that memo.

Looking at the Albion1983 blog, we get a glimpse into the heart and soul of the BNP and the leanings of its hardcore of true believers. This is exactly the kind of material that Griffin doesn’t want you to see.

Here’s a screen shot of the main page, just in case the blog suddenly ‘disappears’ (click to enlarge):

Let’s unpack what we see here.

‘Love Your Race’

Starting at the top, in the blog’s title image we see a picture of a white woman and child with the slogan ‘love your race’. This isn’t something Albion1983 has come up with himself, and is actually an image used as part of the ‘Love Your Race’ campaign promoted by the American organisation The National Alliance. The National Alliance (NA) was founded by the late and unlamented Dr William Pierce, a former American Nazi Party member, friend of BNP founder John Tyndall, and author of the race war novel The Turner Diaries (a favourite of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, British neo-Nazi terrorist David Copeland, the neo-Nazi terrorist groups The Order and the Aryan Republican Army, the killers of James Byrd, and numerous others). In 2005, the NA launched its ‘Love Your Race’ campaign and it continues to promote the slogan. The group is an openly pro-Nazi racist and anti-Semitic organisation, as you can see from its publications. The NA site only links to five other sites, one of which is the BNP.

Here’s a selection of ‘Love Your Race’ campaign images (including the image found on the Albion1983 blog):

And here’s the image used by Albion1983 again, this time in a post on Stormfront, in a thread on ‘White Nationalism Awareness Materials’.


An image that links to the website of ‘white nationalist’ singer Saga is placed prominently on the blog, and Albion1983 has also posted a promotional message for the singer’s site.

Saga is – surprise, surprise – an openly pro-Nazi singer. Her albums include original material which praises David Lane of the neo-Nazi terrorist group The Order, as well as cover versions of songs by Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer of the racist skinhead band Skrewdriver and founder of the neo-Nazi ‘Blood & Honour’ organisation, a group so extreme that Shadow Security Minister Baroness Neville-Jones recently wrote to the Home Secretary calling for its proscription.

Here’s Saga performing a song of hers about the threat to ‘the greatest race to ever walk the earth’ at a recent Blood & Honour event in London:

‘Where You Can Find Me’

Should you wish to chat with Albion1983, he helpfully provides links to sites where he posts. They are:

The Green Arrow Forum is run by fanatical BNP member and Griffin acolyte Paul Morris, who claims he’s not a Nazi but happily re-posts racist and anti-Semitic material on his ‘Green Arrow’ blog. The oddball Morris believes that ‘we, through Nick Griffin and the British National Party can turn Our Island Nations into the only real paradise on earth for it’s [sic] true people’. He also considers me a ‘rabid Zionist’…

Stormfront hardly needs any introduction, given it is the longest running and most notorious white supremacist forum on the internet.

Prussian Blue are a neo-Nazi singing duo, who are again notorious. Here’s how they explain their choice of name:

Part of our heritage is Prussian German. Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of “Prussian Blue” coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the “Holocaust” myth.

Their songs cover typical neo-Nazi themes. ‘Gone With the Breeze‘ is an ode to Robert Mathews, founder of The Order. ‘Victory Day‘ looks forward to a coming race war:

Well sit down and listen, to what I have to say.

There soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day.

And after that purging, our people will be free, and sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see.

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing.

Our Cause shall never tire.

Our gift to you we bring: A holy creed of Racial purpose, as a mighty Race to defend.

And when we fly our holy flag

Their oppressive reign shall end…

And here’s a popular Prussian Blue t-shirt:

Recommended Blogs

Albion1983’s recommended blogs section reveals yet more extremism.

Day Of The Rope

Day Of The Rope‘ takes its name from a chapter of The Turner Diaries in which ‘race traitors’ are executed following the victory of whites in a race war. Here’s an excerpt:

August 1, 1993. Today has been the Day of the Rope – a grim and bloody day, but an unavoidable one. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, it is quiet and totally peaceful throughout all of southern California. But the night is filled with silent horrors; from tens of thousands of lampposts, power poles, and trees throughout this vast metropolitan area the grisly forms hang.

In the lighted areas one sees them everywhere. Even the street signs at intersections have been pressed into service, and at practically every street corner I passed this evening on my way to HQ there was a dangling corpse, four at every intersection. Hanging from a single overpass only about a mile from here is a group of about 30, each with an identical placard around its neck bearing the printed legend, “I betrayed my race.” Two or three of that group had been decked out in academic robes before they were strung up, and the whole batch are apparently faculty members from the nearby UCLA campus.

In the areas to which we have not yet restored electrical power the corpses are less visible, but the feeling of horror in the air there is even worse than in the lighted areas. I had to walk through a two-block-long, unlighted residential section between HQ and my living quarters after our unit meeting tonight. In the middle of one of the unlighted blocks I saw what appeared to be a person standing on the sidewalk directly in front of me. As I approached the silent figure, whose features were hidden in the shadow of a large tree overhanging the sidewalk, it remained motionless, blocking my way.

Feeling some apprehension, I slipped my pistol out of its holster. Then, when I was within a dozen feet of the figure, which had been facing away from me, it began turning slowly toward me. There was something indescribably eerie about the movement, and I stopped in my tracks as the figure continued to turn. A slight breeze rustled the foliage overhead, and suddenly a beam of moonlight broke through the leaves and fell directly on the silently turning shape before me.

The first thing I saw in the moonlight was the placard with its legend in large, block letters: “I defiled my race.” Above the placard leered the horribly bloated, purplish face of a young woman, her eyes wide open and bulging, her mouth agape. Finally I could make out the thin, vertical line of rope disappearing into the branches above. Apparently the rope had slipped a bit or the branch to which it was tied had sagged, until the woman’s feet were resting on the pavement, giving the uncanny appearance of a corpse standing upright of its own volition.

I shuddered and quickly went on my way. There are many thousands of hanging female corpses like that in this city tonight, all wearing identical placards around their necks. They are the White women who were married to or living with Blacks, with Jews, or with other non-White males.

There are also a number of men wearing the l-defiled-my-race placard, but the women easily outnumber them seven or eight to one. On the other hand, about ninety per cent of the corpses with the I-betrayed-my-race placards are men, and overall the sexes seem to be roughly balanced.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘Day Of The Rope’ blog contains numerous racist and anti-Semitic posts, as well as Holocaust denial.

Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics

This blog is currently unavailable (probably because of legal issues arising from this recent complaint to the police) but was covered in detail in my Centre for Social Cohesion report The BNP and the Online Fascist Network. A pro-BNP and Blood & Honour promoting blog, Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics’ main contributers are Tommy Williams and Dave Howard. Here they are:

Covert Tactics contributers were present at this year’s BNP Red, White & Blue festival. You can see their reports from the festival in the cache of their blog here. And here’s a video they shot at RWB:

Here’s another video of theirs:

The Albion1983 blog is run by a self-declared BNP life member who has been involved in ‘nationalism’ for 26 years. Nick Griffin claims the BNP has changed and no longer has any links to neo-Nazism and extremism. Albion1983 became a life member of the Party in October 2009. Clearly he feels quite at home in the BNP, despite his obvious pro-Nazi views.

This is the true BNP on show. Behind the ‘moderate’ facade, nothing has changed.


BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes has responded to this post in the comments section below. Does he condemn open support for neo-Nazism from a BNP life member?


How dare anyone have an opinion that Edmund and his Zionist paymasters do not agree with.

Dont these people know that free speech only includes that which the International Zionist Empire decrees are acceptable.

Arrest them all and shoot them.

Free speech must not be allowed to spread.