Dress Down Friday


I have just had a bath.

My first bath for a week in fact.

Oh don’t recoil in horror. I’ve been having showers for the past six days, that’s all. You see, we tried to fix the drainage system of the bath last weekend, and so took the bath to pieces. We had to wait until this evening to replace a missing part. So it isn’t that I have actually been unwashed in the hiatus (you at the back – stop sniggering).

Its just that, until this evening’s bath, I haven’t been feeling clean. Not properly.

Yes, I know, with a shower, you’re being cleaned with fresh water; while in a bath, you’re wallowing in the diluted essence of yourself. But even a power shower leaves me feeling unsatisfied. We have one of those ecologically-friendly rainwater ones.

So now I’m clean, and the bath is running out.

Only problem is – it now seems to be draining through some invisible leak into the kitchen, on the floor below.


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