BRICUP Tours Hate Speaker Around British Universities

This Friday, BRICUP begins a four date tour of British universities.

Their star speaker is a South African trade unionist called Bongani Masuku. You’ll have read about Masuku in ami’s piece earlier today.

Masuku had been reported to the South African Human Rights Commission.

Today, ENGAGE reports that the SAHRC has released their findings:

This week, the HRC released its finding, in which it unequivocally found that Masuku’s statements amounted to hate speech and recommended that the matter would best be resolved through litigation before the Equality Court to seek a public apology from him. Whatever the findings may be, inviting someone who openly and consistently promotes threatening action towards a community instead of employing factually based arguments to forward their cause, is a dangerous move which not only serves to undermine whatever merits may exist in the event but will only provide a platform for furthering hatred and tension around the Israel and Palestine debate.

So, there you have it.

This tells you all you need to know about BRICUP, its politics, its allies, its aims and its objectives.