Criminals and extremist ideology

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing


GUN-toting members of a new Birmingham teenage gang are boasting about becoming suicide bombers, it was claimed last night.

The chillingly named Bang Bang Taliban have told community workers they want to dominate the city’s gangland – and that they would gladly be “martyred” as Islamist terrorists.


A group calling themselves The Bang Bang Taliban have posted rapping videos about gang life on the YouTube website.

In the songs, the singers boast about shooting rivals, using knives on other gang members and carrying out armed robberies.

Lee Barnes, BNP Legal Director, comments on this article: ‘Screw multi-culturalism’.

Of course, this actually has nothing to do with ‘multiculturalism’ and everything to do with young social deviants channeling their machismo and criminality in a supposedly ‘ideological’ direction and getting kicks from making shocking statements.

Criminals have always been attracted to extremist movements, because they appeal to their anti-social attitutes. The BNP is no exception.