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Tea Party: the movie

We’ve posted here about the anti-Obama “Tea Party” movement, including the 9/12 rally in Washington featuring a heavy dose of wingnuttery.

Now you can watch “Tea Party: The Documentary Film,” which “follows the struggles of five grassroots individuals and their transformation from home town rally goers and rally organizers to national activists in the 912 March on Washington. In the process, the film reveals what is at the heart of this nationwide surge of civic engagement – a return to and respect for a Constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility and fiscal restraint at the Federal level.”


The trailer isn’t particularly impressive, but I give the narrator five stars. Talk about a voice made for movie trailers.

One of the grassroots individuals is Dave, who “spent time as a fashion model in Milan and beyond and is sick of big government and the apathy within his own generation.”

Now Dave and the others may be entirely sincere, but again I have to wonder where their outrage was when the Bush administration was running up record deficits.

And I also have to wonder if there is a connection between male fashion models and bad politics.