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Guess Whose Fault It Is In Honduras?

This is a cross post by Eamonn McDonagh of Z Word

Readers are no doubt aware that President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was overthrown by a coup d’etat on the 28th of June and that he currently languishes in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa. They may also know that the coup leaders organized a national election on Sunday and that – in a paroxysm of stupidity – the government of the United States seems set to recognize it as valid.

What readers may not know is that Honduras’s problems are not the fault of dinosaur elements at Foggy Bottom, the maneuverings and ambitions of Hugo Chávez or the eternal cruelty and short sightedness of the Honduran oligarchy. They are in fact caused by a handful of scheming Jews. I know this to be true because I’ve just read this story which appeared in El Mundo of Madrid. Sure, it supports the conservative Partido Popular and opposes the government of José Luis Zapatero but it’s a national newspaper and not the bulletin of some fringe fascist group.

Jacobo G. García starts his piece by referring to the common appearance of the slogan “Turks Out!” in Tegucigalpa graffiti before going on to say the following:

Although everyone refers to them as “Turks” they are in fact Jewish families who arrived from Arab countries in the 1940s and 1950s [… ]. They are the Rosenthals, Facussés, Larachs, Nassers, Kafies and Goldsteins. Five surnames [I make that six, but hey, who’s counting?] that control factories, energy, telecommunications, tourism, the banks and finance, the media, cement works, commerce, airports and Congress. Practically everything. They are the hard core of the 3% of Hondurans who control 40% of national production. They are the chosen few in a country where 70% of the people are poor.

Now I know it’s a waste of time trying to apply logic to arguments like this but Honduras has a population of 7.11 million and 3% of that is 213300. So how do just five or six families get to constitute the hard core a group that size? What special quality constitutes their “hard coreness”? Why is it worth naming them and not any other rich family in Honduras? Well, because they are Jewish and, as everyone knows, while ordinary oligarchs get on with exploiting the poor in a haphazard and inefficient manner the Jews have racial characteristics which equip them especially well for grinding the faces of the most wretched.

And then there’s the question of whether these Jews are actually Jews. I say this because it’s hard to imagine the graffiti writers of Tegucigalpa being afflicted by political correctness to such a degree as to restrain themselves from writing “Jews Out!” if that’s what they actually wanted to say. I have no special knowledge of Honduras but I do know that in River Plate Spanish the term turco is used to refer to anyone perceived as having Levantine roots, regardless of whether they are Jewish, Christian or Moslem. It may be that something similar is the case in Honduras. And, of course, it may be the case that the families mentioned above are in fact Jewish but that those writing the graffiti perceive their “Turkishness” as being a more salient fact about them.

In any case, while the jury must remain out on the depth of antisemitic feeling among Zelaya supporters it’s obvious that Jacobo G. García is a Jew hater of the first order (there’s much more in his story on the same lines: the families organized the coup, they intermarry and, amazingly, they didn’t speak Spanish when they arrived in Honduras from the Middle East) and that El Mundo isn’t much better than Der Stürmer.