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Combat 18 claims responsibility for terrorist attack

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing

Combat 18 Russia is claiming responsibility for the recent terrorist attack on a passenger train.

Many analysts are unconvinced. If it turns out the C18 claim is false, this is nonetheless a worrying development insofar as C18 Russia is clearly seeking to position itself as an active terrorist organisation.

Here’s the inspiration for the worldwide C18/Blood & Honour movement:

And here’s a video featuring Russian neo-Nazi training camp footage:

An AP report notes:

Extreme nationalism is also a deadly problem in Russia. Skinheads and neo-Nazi groups have carried out frequent attacks, mostly targeting ethnic groups from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Nationalists were blamed in a similar blast that caused a derailment along the same railway line in 2007, injuring 27 passengers. Authorities arrested two suspects in the 2007 train blast and are searching for a third, a former military officer.


According to this report, the C18 statement reads:

We, the militant autonomous group Combat 18, claim the responsibility for the attack against Nevsky Express. We will continue! The time has come. We say that the war will affect everyone. There are no indifferent people and no innocent victims in this war. There are only our supporters and enemies.

The group has also claimed responsibility for an explosive device found in the subway in Saint Petersburg on November 14.