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Bea Campbell goes Green as well

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Leftie arch feminst pin up Bea Campbell has today announced her defection from the Left to the Green party here.

Look at some of this stuff :

I remained a communist until 1989, when it was all over. I was part of the anti-Stalinist, Euro-communist wing. We were clever, caused trouble, caught the imagination, but we lost. Or maybe we failed.

But it was feminism that clarified the unsustainability of state communism. Macho, manic productionism relies on force, it valorises conquest of nature and other humans. It marginalises the means of reproduction – how societies sustain themselves, breathe, give birth, grow and rest, clean up; how people take care, give pleasure and co-operate. Barbara Taylor’s revelatory book, Eve and the New Jerusalem, published on the crest of women’s liberation, told the story of industrialisation and socialist politics, utopianism and the co-operative movement. And it tells the story of these radical movements’ defeat – by working men organised in their own interests as men.

The sexism – and destructiveness – of modernity was not evolutionary, it was a bitter political struggle. The outcome: men’s movements masquerading as egalitarian and socialist.

Green ideology represents the reconciliation of production and reproduction – that is what yields sustainability.

So what do we have ? The modern world of getting and making, industrialisation and the commercial world is all just too nasty darling, I mean look at all those rich men in their offices and nasty roads and buildings. Something must be done, or undone rather. And all would be fine if women like me were in charge.

Needless to say most of the comments on Cif are suitably sarcastic, my favourite so far is :

Ally F

When Peter Tatchell joined the Green Party, I seriously gave thought to signing up. If it’s good enough for him, I reckoned…

When I learned that Beatrix Campbell was also a member I realised I could never join.

Any party that is home to an instinctively authoritarian, dogmatic, anti-rationalist ideologue like Bea is no place for me.

With the recent move of Respect towards to Greens as well I reckon we’re seeing an interesting trend. The old Trots and Marxists are becoming ever more of an irrelevance and failing fast and any ideas of “a lurch to the Left” in the Labour party seem still born as well.

All good as far as I’m concerned, get all the failed far Lefties in one place and keep them there so we know where the enemy is.