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From the Respect conference

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Reports are now seeping through from the Respect conference and apparently there has been a major “move to the right” (hahaha) according to Neil Williams  :

George claimed at conference that Respect was four times bigger and more than all the other groups. Now this is clearly not true. Respect at best has about 800 members and in many parts of England (let alone wales and Scotland) does not exist. The new right faction that now control Respect say we should think of nothing else than electing three Respect MP’s and in George’s words “the other groups will then come knocking on our door”.

How short sighted, shallow in thinking in its responce. What, just what does George and Salma and friends think will happen to Respect if we win no MP’s in the next election and have made no attempt to link up with others on the Left for the fight against the cuts whoever wins the election? – it will leave the members domoralised and Respect totaly isolated in Socialist/Labour movement.

Respects future I am afraid does not look good with this type of politics and I am afraid it may not exist in six years time. However I am in a minority on this in Respect but one that I think did represent about 1/3 of the Respect conference and many who have been active since day one.

Comment by Neil Williams – 15 November, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

Basically it looks like Galloway and Yaqoob have decided to kick out the Trot leftist types and abandon any idea of going towards an alliance with the sects and Bob Crow’s No2EU effort. Instead they think that if they get a couple of MP’s next May they will so much more important than the rest of the sects they can just ignore them.

Forward with the Gallowayite Muslim Popular Front ! Down with the “ultra-Left” splitters !

I suppose when your policy on Afghanistan is virtually indistinguishable from the BNP and your main raison d’etre is communalist politics “a move to the right” is not really a big surprise.