This is Heroism

The Times reports:

Dr Hejazi’s course ended in September but returning to Iran is obviously now impossible. “I would be arrested at the airport,” he said. He would join hundreds of other political prisoners who have been beaten, raped and tortured in the past five months. “I can be considered an exile.” He has been searching for a publishing job in Britain, however menial, but in vain. His wife has lost her post as a finance manager in a large Iranian company, and they are living on money borrowed from friends. “I can’t see my family. I’ve lost my job and my career. I don’t know how to sustain myself,” he said, laughing at the regime’s charge that he was an agent of foreign intelligence services. If he were, he said, he would not be living as he was.

Dr Hejazi does not regret what he did and insists that he would do exactly the same again. He believes that he helped to expose the true nature of an evil government. “Totalitarian regimes always want to cover up their violence and terror, but evidence always surfaces to show the world what is really happening,” he said. He is proud that he rose to the challenge. “In every person’s life there are moments of truth that determine the sort of person you are, that test your beliefs and values. For me Neda’s death and speaking out was that moment, and I think I’ve been true to myself.”