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BNP member exposes Nothing British as a Communist front!

This is a cross post by Edmund Standing


Lord Bethell, head of the Nothing British campaign, speaks at a fringe meeting at this year’s Tory Party conference.

BNP member Elizabeth ‘Red Squirrel’ Walton has exposed the fact that the Nothing British About The BNP site is ‘a place where strange people exercise their right hands a lot whilst getting hot under the collar about so called fascists’ and is run by ‘dirty bastards’ and ‘wankers’. And not just bastards and wankers, but COMMIE bastards and wankers!

Walton, renowned throughout the world as a top class fruitcakeintellectual, has done her research and found that every major party is infiltrated by Communists, including the Conservative Party:

I hear that it is a conservative blog as well.. Which just goes to show that there are as many dick head communists throughout the Lib-Lab-Con-Green spectrum as there are among the plebs of the revolting slimy UAF!

With people like Walton on their side, the BNP should be running the country after the next General Election. Read it and weep Commie wankers!!!