Anti Fascism

The limits of free speech

This is a cross post from Edmund Standing’s Blog

Radio Netherlands reports:

The Danish army has admitted that a leading neo-Nazi and Hitler admirer is serving as a member of the military unit charged with protecting the Royal family.

A spokesman for Denmark’s Army chief has stated:

“We have freedom of speech in Denmark, one is free to join the army and also be a member of a movement.”


Daniel Carlsen, aged 19, is a member of the Danish National Socialist movement (DNSB) and has said Hitler is his idol, he is an enemy of democracy and he does not believe the Nazis exterminated the Jews during World War II.

Carlsen, considered by many as the country’s most prominent neo-Nazi after DNSB leader Jonni Hansen, celebrates Hitler’s birthday and wears a Nazi uniform to official functions. Carlsen served a short prison sentence for painting swastikas on walls. On his Facebook site, he calls himself, “White, proud and National Socialist,”and says his favourite film is the 1935 Leni Riefenstahl propaganda film The Triumph of the Will.

So this idiot admires a foreign dictator who occupied his country, hates democracy, and is a member of a movement which would have assisted the foreign takeover of his country in 1940.

If so, he is a TRAITOR. This is not a ‘free speech’ issue and to present it as such is to validate a citizen’s right to actively work against his own country’s interests in favour of an ideology which would destroy it. That is called treachery and subversion, neither of which should be protected in the name of some fundamentalist interpretation of free speech.