“I’m going to rest, then I’ll go out again…”

From The Guardian’s liveblog of events in Iran today:


A 60-year-old woman returned from the demonstrations to describe the violent crackdown in a call to ePersian radio, according to this translation from blogger Homylafayette.

I joined the demonstration early today and moved towards 7th Tir Square. There were so many protesters. They must have bought security forces from around Iran and they were merciless.

I’ve gone to all the demonstrations and I’ve never seen such violence. We started chanting and they chased us down a dead end. We were all crushed together and the anti-riot forces shot something like 5 tear gas canisters into the alley.

I thought my time was over and I would suffocate. Then the anti-riot forces came into the alley started beating us with their batons. I was hit on the waist and the mouth. Protesters were all over the city today. They would get beaten in one place, then they’d go to another crossroads and start chanting again.

This regime must go! It pained me to see the young people struck like that. I’m going to rest, then I’ll go out again, because the protests are going to pick up again.