Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch

More than twenty people dead, many of them the elderly who were queueing outside a bank to collect their pensions, in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the latest outrage from The Taliban who are attempting to take the country.

As reported in The Guardian:

The Pakistani foreign minister, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, condemned the attack, saying: “Such barbaric, inhuman and un-Islamic terrorist acts only strengthen our resolve to fight terrorism with more vitality.”

The Taliban’s assault on Pakistan demonstrates very clearly that the fight is not one between Islam and the West. Totalitarian political Islamism will attack all who stand in its way – even Muslims. Indisputably, most of the victims of the Islamist theocratic fascists in all their manifestations around the world have been Muslims.

UPDATE: Thirty people are now confirmed dead. The Guardian has an updated story.

UPDATE: AFP is reporting that another two suicide bombers have detonated themsleves in Lahore, in a congested area near bus terminals.