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BNP Candidate Charged with Firearms Offences

This is a cross post by efrafandays, from A Rabbit’s Eye View


David Lucas was the fifth BNP list member for East of England during the Euro 2009 elections. Also a farmer in Suffolk, he appears to have made a better stab at it than his party boss, over by Welshpool, but I do not know if he has taken advantage of EU farming subsidies.

This direct descendent of peat-bog man has no doubt shared his party’s antipathy to the EU since been barred in 2006 from supplying gallows and other execution paraphernalia to foreign states, for as much as £100,000. He had boasted that his examples of English workmanship could dispatch as many as five people at once, and advocated the death penalty for terrorism-related offences.

The East Anglia Daily Times is reporting that Lucas has been charged in connexion with firearms and explosives, with the intent to endanger life, found following his arrest in April.

This is not unheard of behaviour for BNP supporters.