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Al Muhaj’s a Pretty Nice Girl, But She Doesn’t Have A Lot to Say

Two things.

Counter-Demonstrate against Al Muhajiroun

Join me on the British Muslims for Secular Democracy counter-protest against this man’s latest media stunt.

Here is the website for the protest:

The counter demonstration starts this Saturday in Piccadilly Circus at 1 pm sharp.

So get there early.

I am told that there may be balloons.

Al Muhaj Online

Secondly, read the authoritative analysis of Al Muhajiroun’s online activities at the CST blog.

The lads have put together a masterful overview of this vicious and dangerous group, illustrated by a series of Al Muhajiroun videos, showing the hapless Andy Choudary god-bothering on the streets of London.

It is a huge pity really.

As you know, I was friends with Andy when he was like this:


(when he was pretty good fun) and before he became the self styled “Judge of the Shari’ah Court of the UK and Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shari’ah”.


It is a pity.

Had he spent a little bit more time at university actually, you know, doing his course, he could have been a real judge or lecturer by now, instead of a cheerleader for terrorism and totalitarianism, shouting at people in the street like a mad tramp.