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The BNP legal director’s national socialist vision

This is a cross post from Edmund Standing’s blog

Who has in the past described himself as a ‘Strasserite’? – Nick Griffin, BNP leader.

What did Strasser have to say?

We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!

Bear this in mind as you read the thoughts of Lee Barnes, BNP legal director, on Griffin’s Question Time appearance. In Barnes’s reports, we read of a ‘revolution’ beginning, the ‘bourgeoise’, and ‘The Uprising’, and are told to ‘Get ready for the Revolution’.

Barnes claims the BNP is now ‘on the path to power’:

The media have announced to Britain that we have something to say.

Now the people will want to hear it.

Thats when the real revolution begins.

This is just the first step forward.

We always knew, as the insane liberal idiots did, that no mass fascist uprising would occur.

A layer at a time all the lies of the liberals are being exposed.

This tonight was the start of the process, the first step on the path to power.

Barnes claims that ‘this is the last gasp of the old liberal bourgeoise’, that the panel are ‘obsessed with historical events such as the Holocaust’ (obviously merely a trivial historical detail to Barnes), and that ‘Nick walks tall tonight’:

Oh the joy.

To watch the liberals froth and fume in the midst of wars, terrorism and disease over Nick Griffin.

This is the last gasp of the old liberal bourgeoise.

To watch the rigged panel, the rigged audience and the rigged host all attack one person and then him hit back is exquisite.

The utter farsical biased nature of the thing is so obvious that it goes completely against the British tradition.

All it is the ‘holocaust, gas chambers, ku klux klan, blah blah’. They are not saying one thing about something like the economy, Afghanistan etc.

Therefore this is not a Question Time, this is an anti-Nick Griffin Hate In.

The British people dont like that.

The liberals have revealed that they have abandoned the primary basis of what it means to be British – a sense of fair play.

Nick walks tall tonight – the BBC, the panel and the audience appear bigoted, bullying, obsessed with historical events such as the Holocaust, biased and venal.

Its a Win – Win.

Barnes claims Griffin was ‘superb’ and the BNP ‘won’:

The British people now see there never was a monster.

Now the debate starts in regards to policies.

No Platform is down and now the publicity means people will now be looking at BNP policies.

Its a Win – Win.

Well done Nick.

Job done.

Barnes excitedly prepares for an ‘uprising’:

Get ready for the Revolution.

Whilst the Ethnic Middle Class and the White Liberal Middle Class build their ivory towers, the white working class are preparing for The Uprising.

We have nothing left to lose by staying silent – but everything to gain from rising up.

Because of the complacency, greed, arrogance and selfishness of these people then just watch this to see what will come next, arising from devastated white working class communities as spontaneously and naturally as wisps of flame and fire from smouldering, angry embers.

Same shit, different century.