Anti Fascism

From ‘No Platform’ to Media Circus

You really have to stop and wonder sometimes whether SWP and UAF activists are just hysterical children throwing tantrums for attention or temper. Is there not a serious strategist among them?

Having not succeeded in the, frankly, redundant-in-the-internet-age tactic of ‘no platform’, what did they do next? They created such a media stir – now, apparently having broken in to the TV studio – that Nick Griffin’s performance on Question Time will probably be guaranteed the biggest audience since a mysterious assailant shot J.R. Ewing!

What might have passed as another boring night of political talking heads – of interest only to political anoraks like ourselves – has become the televisual event of the year.

They’re worried that no-one has the rhetorical calibre to take on Griffin or to defeat his arguments, and thus millions of British citizens will be bamboozled by his racist double-talk… so they, um, connive to give him the biggest audience possible.  Gah!

Congratulations SWP! Well done UAF! Well fucking done!

David T adds

So, as predicted, the Socialist Workers Party has opted for that old favourite: rioting and fighting in the streets.

So that’s the British National Party’s Party Election Broadcast footage sorted. Nick Griffin is thanking you for your help.

I am told that the SWP’s Martin Smith has managed to get himself arrested.


Smith is no antifascist.

Here he is raising money for the SWP at a concert with the outspoken antisemite, Gilad Atzmon.

Some footage of today’s events:

Keep an eye out at the 48 second mark for this chap – who evidently hasn’t heard that the BNP is one of the leading anti-war parties.