Anti Fascism

Gruesome Twosome

Those of you who, like me, have a trainspotterish interest in the ins and outs of extreme politics, will be aware that veteran fascist, Martin Webster, has been claiming for the last ten years to have had a sexual affair with Nick Griffin. Going right back to the days of Ernst Röhm, Nazism has always had its “gay” and “anti-gay” wings. I have never been able to work out which was which, within English fascism. Perhaps Lee John Barnes can explain it to me. What I do know is that it was the “Political Soldier” wing of the National Front that did in Martin Webster: in which Griffin was a leading light. So perhaps that explain why he is engaging in lashon hara with respect to Nick Griffin. Anyhow, watch the videos if you’d like.

Neither Webster nor Griffin approach the pulchritude of, for example, John Wight of the SPSC.  This is a case in which one might well say, of both parties:

“I don’t fancy your’s much”