Anti Fascism

At least one good question

Thanks to the intervention of the Nothing British military campaign it is very likely that one of the questions on Question Time will be a variant of:

Should political parties use British military symbolism in their election material?

Hopefully the panel will be prepared, and use the opportunity to fully expose the BNP.

In addition, it is nice to see the following:

The Nothing British military campaign against the BNP said: “General Dannatt is so widely admired in the Armed Forces. He’s someone who is seen by the rank and file as a man who stood up for them in their time of need. To attack him is a joke. It’s a major own goal.”

The British Army is about promoting liberal democracy around the world, not hatred and division like the Nazis.”

Of course, there are those that disagree with the latter statement on the far left as well as the far right.