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Progressive Dementia

There’s an interesting article on the current crisis in Pakistan vis-a-vis the Taliban over at Comment Is Free.

If anyone still gets involved in discussions there, you might like to fumble around in the pettifog of war with the likes of one Chapaev, 22, from LA, with interests in “current affairs” and “history” – but clearly little aptitude – who informs us:

The aggression against the people of Waziristan is part of a plot hatched up in Washington, Brussels, and Tel-Aviv/Yaffo. There was absolutely no justification for this bloody adventure by the Pakistani military, as it is only further destabilizing the country and generating a humanitarian crisis. It does not have the support of the Pakistani people, as we have heard in the protests of Jemaat-e-Islami and other progressive organizations. The courageous, battle-hardened people of Waziristan will not capitulate, but will drown the aggressors in their own blood.

Jemaat-e-Islami? A “progressive” organisation? Do you suppose young Chapaev was hired as a chief strategist for the RESPECT Party because someone thought he really was the legendary Red Army commander?