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Blood & Honour supporter working for the BNP

This is a cross post from Edmund Standing’s new (and amusingly monikered) new blog: Zionist Agent

bev-RWB2Beverley Kerry at RWB 2009

Amongst the event staff working at this year’s BNP ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival was a ‘white nationalist’ activist and deliverer of BNP leaflets named Beverley Kerry, who can be seen in this photographand this video (both uploaded by her) wearing her luminous event staff jacket while on site.

Kerry, who uses a number of online aliases including ‘odinsdaughter’ and ‘odinsgal88‘ (note the neo-Nazi ‘88‘ code) is currently the moderator of the UK sub-forum of the Vanguard News Network (VNN) discussion forum, where she posts as ‘Bev’. The VNN forum Executive Summary describes Jews as a ‘disease’, yet this is hardly surprising given the fact that Vanguard News Network (slogan: ‘No Jews. Just Right’.) is operated by a hardline racist and neo-Nazi named Alex Linder. The Anti-Defamation League reports that Linder considers black people to be ’stupid, violent, destructive apelike creatures’, denies the Holocaust happened, and has called for the killing of Jews.

As the UK sub-forum moderator, it is to be expected that Kerry would moderate the content of the site. In my report for the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) on the BNP and the Online Fascist Network, I pointed out a VNN forum post by UK neo-Nazi activist Sid Williamson in which he described Jews as ‘greedy sub human scum’ who ‘have lied about a holocaust that never happened just to make money and keep national socialism down’, yet it still remains on the site.

Does Kerry, therefore, find anti-Semitism acceptable? It is true that her own posts on the VNN forum don’t tend to concentrate on Jews, but Kerry has explained the reason for this to Jew baiters on the forum disappointed that there isn’t enough anti-Semitism for their liking. It’s not a matter of opposition to anti-Semitism, it turns out, but simply a fear of prosecution, as Kerry explained in a forumpost in March of this year: ’seeing as zog can so easily trace most of us on the England forum, we don’t tend to go overboard in public about the jew [sic]‘.

An organisation that does ‘tend to go overboard’ about Jews is ‘Blood & Honour‘, an openly neo-Nazi movement that takes Hitler and the Third Reich as its inspiration and spreads hatred towards non-white people. Kerry has been involved with Blood & Honour for a number of years. In 2006, she was in control of a Combat 18/Blood & Honour chat room and by 2007, she was telling VNN forum members that ‘I spend most of my time at’ as well as confirming her status as a Blood & Honour forum administrator and moderator. Shortly after the publication of my report for the CSC, Kerry moved and altered her personal blog (and has now set it for private viewing only), yet screen shots demonstrate that she was promoting the same forum on her blog until July 2009.

That Kerry should be connected to Blood & Honour comes as no surprise, given her ongoing relationship with ‘Covert Undercover Nuisance Tactics’, a racist pro-Blood & Honour blog, online TV show, and forum covered in detail in my report. In addition to her moderating role at VNN, Kerry also moderates the Covert Tactics forum, where a video promoting a Blood & Honour internet radio programme can be found. Created and uploaded by Kerry’s friends at the Covert Tactics blog, the video includes a Nazi swastika and speaks of ethnic minorities as ’sub-human’.

Despite the BNP’s claims that it has no connections to neo-Nazism and its recent attempts at portraying itself as a ‘mainstream’ party, the fact that they are happy for people such as Kerry to represent them to the general public and to join the staff at their annual festival shows that those connections are far from over.