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Suicide Watch

The Telegraph is reportingthat a 13-year old boy on foot detonated himself in a busy market place in Alpuri, Shangla district in Pakistan, killing more than 40 people.

It seems almost redundant to ask what sort of ideology compels adults to brainwash children into becoming human bombs.

Update: In another incident today, in Iraq, three related explosions killed at least 19 people and wounded scores more. According to this report, the bombers detonated a device in a car park. Then a few minutes later after police and emergency services had arrived to assist the victims, they detonated another car bomb. Not satisfied, they then tried to drive another car bomb into the hospital where the injured had been taken. Luckily they were intercepted before crashing into the hospital causing even greater carnage. But unfortunately they detonated the car anyway, killing the security guards at the gate.

Hat Tip: Alec, in the comments.