Dress Down Friday

Guess the Political Party

Which party is this?

– Here is its Foreign Affairs Spokesman on the Iranian nuclear threat:

The warmongers in London and Washington, aided by the liars in the controlled media, are busy whipping up a war fever against Iran using the same techniques of deceit they used against Iraq.

– Here is its position on Afghanistan:

[The] party will soon be launching its ‘Bring our Troops Home’ campaign which will involve the distribution of hundreds of thousands of booklets detailing the lies and treachery of the Labour and Tory parties in manufacturing this war, the human cost involved and the deliberate undersupply of British forces in the field.

Finally, the campaign will call for the immediate withdrawal of British forces from Afghanistan and for war crimes trials of those Tory and Labour politicians who engineered and supported the war.

Here is more information on the planned Bring Our Troops Home march.

– It believes that the English Defence League is either a Zionist front organisation, or alternatively is some other form of conspiracy run by “some dark hand” , quite possibly the State.

Were you right?