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Ken and Hamas

This Saturday Ken Livingstone will appear at a Tower Hamlets meeting organised by the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” and Viva Palestina, George Galloway’s Hamas support operation.

Other speakers at the meeting include Galloway and Shamiul Joarder of Friends of an Aqsa, the dedicated Israel hatred group headed by Ismail Patel.

The meeting will be held at the Brady Centre, a Tower Hamlets facility which is not very particular about its guests. As we learned in April, even a video message from al Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki is acceptable for the Brady Centre.


The flyer notes that “ways you can get involved in the Viva Palestina convoy this December” will be discussed. This is of course how the first convoy to Gaza ended – with a celebration of Hamas and cash for the terrorists.

As reported here before, one of Viva Palestina’s two trustees is Sabah al Mukhtar, a man George Galloway has called “my right hand” in the first convoy.

Sabah al Mukhtar passes the Daryl Bradford Smith anitsemitic lunatic test with flying colours. You can listen to them here. Note Sabah on the antisemitic hoax “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”:

At one time or another there was this talk of the Protocol of Zion and everybody said that it was a put-up job, it’s not true, it is not factual, all sorts of accusations of this book. But at the end of the day, let’s assume they are all correct, that this is really not a real book and it was not the Protocols of Zion. This is an incredible insight, some hundred years ago, to show what the position nowadays. The control over the media, the education, the law, the medicine.

Viva Palestina is under investigation by the Charity Commission. This takes some doing when the commission typically turns a blind eye to obvious abuses of its counterterrorism guidelines and violations of financial sanctions against Hamas.

The Bank of England, as agent for Her Majesty’s Treasury, advises that there is as a result a binding and directly applicable obligation in Community law to freeze all funds, other financial assets and economic resources of Hamas, and not to make any funds, other financial assets and economic resources available to Hamas: Article 2(1) of Regulation 2580/2001.

Nice one, Ken.