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MAB In For A Nasty Shock Under Tories

There is an interview by Martin Bright with the Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, in the JC today. Here is an interesting declaration:

Asked whether government money should reach the Muslim Association of Britain, whose website published claims about New York rabbis trading in the body parts of Algerian children, Mr Grayling was adamant.

“No organisation that makes baseless accusations about rabbis harvesting the organs of Muslim children can expect to work closely with government or to receive funding from government.”

The Muslim Association of Britain is only involved in one partnership with Government: the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (“MINAB“). Their influence on that body has been malign. Given that the MAB is the sister organisation of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, that should surprise nobody.

The Government has also indicated, before Denham took office, that MAB’s participation in MINAB may have to end. The Government should pip Grayling to the post and end the connection with MAB/MB/Hamas organisations. It is a wise policy decision and one for which it would be broadly commended.