A message of friendship for friendly countries

Iran began test-firing missiles yesterday, starting days of war games before a confrontation with foreign powers over a previously undisclosed secret nuclear facility.
Iran’s military began test-firing short-range missiles yesterday in a show of strength demonstrating its preparedness to see off any military threat. That threat most likely comes from Israel, which has been restrained from carrying out strikes by Washington and remains impatient to do so. Today the air force will test fire the Shahab-3, a medium-range missile capable of hitting Israel and the weapon that Western intelligence agencies believe that Tehran has been modifying to carry a nuclear warhead.

Brigadier General Hossein Salami, air force commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said of the firings: “This exercise has a message of friendship for friendly countries. For greedy countries that seek to intimidate us, the message is that we are capable of a prompt and crushing response.”

No matter how you slice it, Salami’s message isn’t a message of friendship.