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Edmund Standing on BBC File on Four Tonight

Be sure to catch our comrade, Edmund, on the BBC this evening at 8 p.m on Radio Four.

Here’s the BBC’s article:

Another lone far-right extremist, Martyn Gilleard, who was found to have four home-made nail bombs when police raided his flat, was also arrested by chance as part of an investigation into child pornography.

Like others described as “lone wolves”, he visited extremist websites and web forums that provided information about how to make bombs.

Edmund Standing, author of The BNP and The Online Fascist Network, said: “The fact that a lot of people [who use these websites] may be fantasists and do not pose a direct threat, doesn’t mean these forums and websites don’t, because for every 20 of them there could be one person who is actually twisted enough do something like this.

“These kind of groups and these kind of forums create an atmosphere in which it is seen to be more and more acceptable to express these hateful views.”

He said the websites advocated “lone wolf tactics” where anonymous individuals turned up at meetings and carried out subversive and violent actions.

“We face a far more difficult task dealing with these individuals, lone extremists who go to these groups or hang around the edges of these groups and become radicalised,” added Mr Standing.

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