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Barnes Featured in Nothing British About the BNP

The excellent centre-right “Nothing British About the BNP”  features a nice snippet about our old friend and sometime denizen of our comments boxes, Lee Barnes:

Lee Barnes, legal director of the BNP, has crudely called Conservative Party leader David Cameron an “old whore” and says the party is in the pocket of Israel after news has emerged over the weekend about the hedge fund manager Alan Howard, who is Jewish, donating money to the party.

We believe, if proof were needed, this is yet another example of the BNP’s crazy conspirtorial politics and anti-Semitism.

The photo of Lee is absolutely splendid:

Lee Barnes: The Holocaust was not the product of ‘evil’ Germans, it was a product of ... the actions of Jewish Bolsheviks

The centre-Right – that is, the Tories – have no strong electoral reason to campaign against the BNP. The BNP’s vote appears to come from one time Labour supporters, after all.

Nevertheless, the centre-Right “get” the love that most people – immigrants and their children included – have for Britain, somewhat better than the centre-Left, who regard patriotism with suspicion.

That is why the BNP cannot be beaten without their help.