Clampi: another reason to use Mac or Linux

The Clampi virus is spreading across hundreds of thousands of computers. It steals your online banking passwords and log-ins, The Times reports.

Once on the computer, the virus sits unnoticed until the user logs on to bank, credit card or other financial websites. It then captures log-in and password information and sends it to a server run by the attackers. They can then tell the compromised computer to send money to accounts that they control, or they can buy goods with the stolen credit card details.

The trojan has a list of more than 4,500 finance-related websites that it monitors, including British high street banks. Security experts warned that it was one of the stealthiest and most pervasive threats to computers using the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

But it only works on Windows operating systems. Can anyone think of a single good reason to still use Microsoft when Macintosh and Linux are available? I have never heard of a virus for Macintosh and certainly not for Linux.