Happy Al Quds Day

On the streets of Iran’s major cities, the population is out in force, showing their opposition to a tyranical oppressor that denies self determination to millions of Muslims.

Now, I expect that most reasonable people in Iran want to see a free and independent Palestine, as most sensible people throughout the world do.

But that’s not why they’re in the streets this Al Quds Day:

Loudspeaker: Death to America

Crowd: Death to Russia

Loudspeaker: Death to Israel

Crowd: Death to Russia

There’s also this:

The Guardian’s former Iran correspondent Robert Tait is monitoring events from Istanbul. He writes:

Ahmadinejad was giving a live interview on IRIB’s Channel Two from the scene of Quds Day. As he spoke, viewers could clearly hear the chants of “Ahmadi, Ahmadi, resign, resign” – this all over live TV.

Apparently Ahmadinejad was aware of the chants and their effect on the interview. He is said to have become flustered and quickly wrapped up the interview.

The Guardian has the rolling story.


Also, see Potkin:

A common theme amongst most of the protests today: ‘Not Gaza, Not Lebanon – I Die Only for Iran’


Ahmadejad beclowns himself, comme d’habitude:

“[The Holocaust] is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim”

David Miliband replies:

“President Ahmadinejad’s repeated denials of the Holocaust are abhorrent as well as ignorant. It is very important that the world community stands up against this tide of abuse. This outburst is not worthy of the leader of Iran.

“Iran’s people have a great history and culture. I cannot believe that the vast majority of them want to rewrite this chapter of history rather than focus on the future. The coincidence of today’s comments with the start of Jewish New Year only adds to the insult.”