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Rebecca Rubin: then and now

As part of its series of historical dolls, the American Girl company recently introduced Rebecca Rubin:


Ms. Rubin, all of 18 inches tall, is the newest historical character doll to be released by American Girl, the company in Middleton, Wis., whose products have a rabidly devoted following among the female 7- to 12-year-old set. She is a 9-year-old girl living on the Lower East Side in 1914 with her Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, siblings and a grandmother known only as Bubbie.

However the company was unaware that there is a real-life Rebecca Rubin of some notoriety:


The Audobon magazine reports:

The flesh-and-blood Rebecca Rubin, an alleged ecoterrorist charged with burning down houses in the Northwest, has been on the lam since 2006… [T]he FBI hopes the new attention to the name will help bring the real-life Rubin to justice. “The best thing this will do is remind people that we’re looking for her,” says FBI spokesperson Beth Anne Steele. Rubin, the person, is considered “armed and dangerous.” Rubin, the doll, is armed, too—with challah bread (sold separately).