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Al Quds Day March Moved

This is a guest post by Tony

The Annual Al Quds Day March run by the Islamic Human Rights Commission is today (Sunday 13). Suffice to say that I’m not a big fan of the event which generally involves a fair bit of supporting terrorism. Read about this year’s event here.

However, this year they’ve been forced to move from Trafalgar Square to Pall Mall. According to a report from The Guardian, the IHRC is blaming threats from the English Defence League (a seemingly nasty bunch of people).

Raza Kazim, spokesman for the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: “At the last minute after months of negotiation, the GLA told us two days ago we are not allowed to go ahead with the rally in Trafalgar Square. We are very annoyed. It seems they have bowed to the pressure from people like the English Defence League.”

I would have more sympathy for the IHRC were they not also in the business of trying to pressure people on the back of acts of violence. I know this is some time ago but it was the example that came to mind (please feel free to send in your own examples). Back in 2006 John Reid (then Home Secretary) suggested that Muslim parents ought to look out for signs of extremism in their kids. The IHRC had this to say:

Reid’s comments once again reflect the Blair government’s absolute refusal to recognise that its policies have had a substantial role to play in the quagmire we now find ourselves, and only serve to endanger us further.


If the government is sincere in finding a solution, it needs to come out of this state of denial, stop pointing fingers at others and instead recognise the root causes and its own responsibility within that

That would be the IHRC suggesting (politely, of course) that Britain needs to change its policies in order to avoid acts of terrorism. So when they complain that the State has bowed to pressure from people threatening violence the complaint rings hollow since they wish the State would do the same but to their demands instead.