A Lynching in Jamaica

I expect you will have heard the news that John Terry, the British Honorary Consul in Jamaica, was murdered yesterday.  The Sun has addition

A note was beside the body. Police sources revealed yesterday it read: “This is what will happen to ALL gays.” It was signed “Gay-Man”.

It also described Mr Terry as a “batty-man” – insulting Jamaican slang for homosexual.

Clearly, we don’t know the full circumstances in which Mr Terry was murdered. The note left on his body does tend to point in one particular direction.

Michael Petrelis sums up the situation well:

As more details emerge in the case of John Terry, the murdered UK honorary consul whose bloodied and battered body was found yesterday in Jamaica, I wonder how the vicious and obnoxious anti-gay forces across the island nation will attempt to blame the victim.

We’ve seen over the years, horrific murders committed against LGBT people in Jamaica, and light sentences handed out to convicted killers, if anyone is ever brought to justice. And too often, lawyers and politicians have blamed gays for allegedly bringing on the attacks and murders.

If any good can come of Terry’s death, I hope somehow it lessens the tremendous and deadly homophobia pervasive in Jamaica.

I’d like to think so too, but I am not optimistic.