Puritan Oppression

The Weekly Worker publishes an appeal for solidarity from a neglected front in the war against bourgeois norms.

Remember City of London School for Girls teacher Helen Goddard? She got in trouble last month for having a sexual relationship with one of her 15 year old pupils.

The Partisan Defence Committee are up in arms:

The puritanical witch hunt against ‘sex offenders’ waged by the Blair and Brown Labour governments is a modern-day version of Christian fundamentalist crusades against ‘sin’. Adults engaged in inter-generational sex, especially between teachers and pupils, are treated as though they are de facto child rapists and murderers. The Sex Offenders Register is a witch hunter’s charter, containing thousands of names of totally innocent people – eg, some merely cautioned for possessing ‘dirty’ pictures – now blacklisted, stigmatised and worse for the rest of their lives.

‘Age of consent’ laws giving the capitalist state the right to determine at what age youth can engage in sex are an invasion of privacy. The guiding principle in these matters should be that of mutual effective consent. Drop the charges now!

The argument seems to be that if we abolish the age of consent and allow adults in positions of authority over children to defend sexual relationships between the two by claiming: “The kid didn’t complain; I took it as consent” this is going to make society a better place.


If people can convince themselves that chucking acid in the face of schoolgirls is a blow against imperialism you can see why they might fall for this laughable self-serving paedophile propaganda.

The death agony of the far-left is utterly compelling isn’t it?

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