Anti Fascism

Patrick Harrington Sells Off His Record Collection

The veteran neo Nazi, Patrick Harrington, is selling his collection of records and political memorabilia on ebay.

How about a copy of Vanillia Muffins Oi! Swiss StreetPunk? Or, if that isn’t your thing, what about Puke n Vomit Records Shell Shock Born to Kill

If Patrick’s politics are more to your taste, then what about a copy of Gaddafi’s Little Green Book – possibly a souvenir of Nick Griffin’s attempt to get funds from Gadaffi.

There’s a ton of BNP stuff on there, from a recent Hope and Glory mag to the Voice of Freedom from 1984.

Going back still further into the past, there’s a copy of the National Front’s 1979 manifesto: “Its our country – let’s win it back“. Or their Elections Handbook.

Alternatively, why not pick up a copy of Trident on Trial – the case for people’s disarmanent, or a DVD of Primal “Make Israel History” Scream’s Concert for Palestine.