Acid Test

If Harry’s Place had a sub-heading that summed up one of the site’s main reasons for coming into existence it might read “Yikes! Look how loony the Left has become lately.”

 Occasionally I come across a set of words that neatly encapsulates how a once powerful political movement has become so marginalised it can’t attract more than a few thousand dysfunctional losers in bedsits even as half the world’s banks totter around them.

A commenter calling himself Paddy Garcia posting at Dave’s Part has this to say of the ‘anti-imperialist’ struggle in Afghanistan:

I have no quarrel with the Taliban, things are generally acknowledged to have been better under their watch than they are now. They are indisputably a lot more popular than they have ever been and have the imperialist invaders on their knees which they are only able to do precisely because their support is increasing.

I really wish that there was a better organisation to support in Afghanistan but at the moment the Taliban seem to be the only game in town and while some of you may be troubled by the fact that they aren’t exactly a gender obsessed discussion group they should be supported until something better comes along.

Not exactly a gender obsessed discussion group? Well, that’s one way of characterising an outfit which has *ahem* strong ideas about the education of girls which they’re not shy about acting on.

When Garcia is challenged on his support for a gang of bearded misogynists with guns he lets it be known what he thinks of the relative priorities of the glorious struggle:

The primary aim is the military defeat of imperialism, fluffy issues can be sorted later when the conditions on the ground would be more conducive than they are at the moment.

Got it girls? Fluffy little concerns like not having your face permanently scarred by people who have a problem with you learning to write will all be sorted out once the Taliban have sent the imperialists packing.

Where to begin?

Gene adds: Dave Osler of Dave’s Part writes in the comments:

For the record, I opposed the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq, but have never raised the slogans ‘victory to the Taliban’ or ‘victory to the resistance’.

He has also opened a thread on his blog for discussion of Paddy Garcia’s comment.

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